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Emotional Intelligence Training - Fully Self-Directed Online Course

Help a Charity, While Helping Yourself

Life can be stressful and our emotions are the cause of stress. If you manage and lead, you also have to deal with the stresses of others. Since emotions are ‘catching’ there’s also the impact of an individual’s emotions on the whole team or organisation.

This course will help you manage your own emotions better and those of others. In doing so, you’ll perform better, keep others motivated and make work and life more enjoyable.

The risk of ignoring emotional intelligence has never been greater. So if you want to avoid losing great people and prevent lapses in performance, this is the course for you.

In keeping with mch’s commitment to promote equality of access to learning and development, this 2-3 hour course is priced at just £60. It's completely self-directed, so you can progress at your own pace and there's no formal assessment required for completion.

mch wants this course to help the charitable sector in these tough times. To this end, type in the name of the charity you'd like to support in the 'comment' box of the sign-up form. mch will then donate half your course fee to your chosen charity.

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