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Free Access to Funds Online for 3SG Members

Funds Online is an online platform that allows you to browse a library of over 8,000 funders, giving a total of £8 billion. Searching for funding via Funds Online makes fundraising just that much easier, allowing you to compare a variety of different funding types and sources, and filter by your criteria.

This brilliant resource would usually cost your organisation at least £500+ per year, but anyone working or volunteering for a 3SG member organisation can access this resource for free! Simply sign in to our website*, head to our Resources page, and book a day to access Funds Online, via the rota.

To help you make the most out of Funds Online, The Directory of Social Change often hold free, 30 minute webinars with a Funds Online expert. These webinars help you familiarise yourself with the platform and share tips and tricks to utilise Funds Online for the best results. The next free webinar is taking place on Wednesday 10th April, 12:30 - 1pm - you can register here.

*If you work or volunteer for a 3SG member organisation, but don't have a login for the 3SG site, you can create one here. If you have any questions or need assistance, please get in touch via

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