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Free Computers, Furniture and More, Available to Charitable Organisations

We know a good thing when we see one here at 3SG, which is why we need to let you know about a fabulous organisation called A Good Thing CIC, who make it their mission to facilitate donations from generous businesses, directly to local charities and non-profit organisations in need.

The aim of A Good Thing CIC is to make it easy for charities of all sizes to get hold of the right sorts of things to help them achieve their goals. In doing so, efforts are made to reduce waste and reuse quality items.

The possibilities are endless, so whether your organisation is in need of laptops for staff, furniture for your office, gifts for the people you help, or a meeting place, A Good Thing CIC will connect you to a local business who can help for free.

It's quick and simple to sign your charity up, and start browsing current local offers online or via the app. Click here to find out more.

At the moment, they have a brilliant offer of dozens of great-quality PCs available in Wiltshire – so, not too far away. The details are here:

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