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Free data and analytics support for charities

Pro Bono OR enables third sector organisations to benefit from Operational Research (OR) and reach their full potential. As organisations face increasing pressure to reduce costs whilst improving efficiency and effectiveness, OR can play a key part in helping them survive and thrive.

OR is a broad discipline which uses rigorous analytical methods to help to increase efficiency and reduce costs, to plan strategy or to assess impact. Pro Bono OR introduces third sector managers to OR experts from industry and academia, who volunteer their time to help; whether the need is for more effective decisions, better strategy, slicker systems, measuring performance or indeed anything that will improve effectiveness, insight and foresight.

We work with all types of third sector organisations ranging from large national organisations down to small community groups and social enterprises.

For some examples, view our Pro Bono OR case studies. More information, including how to contact us, can be found here.

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