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Free Fuel Vouchers

Citizens Advice B&NES have received funding from the Energy Redress Scheme to provide £50,000 of free fuel vouchers to 1,000 B&NES residents. The vouchers are available in denominations of £28 for a single person or £49 for a couple or family and over the course of the funding each family or person can receive 3 vouchers so potentially £147 of free gas & electricity.

There is no use by date on the vouchers.

The only 2 criteria for eligibility is that you're on a pre-payment meter of some sort (this can be key, card or web/app top up) and you've been affected by Covid in some way (e.g. kids at home schooling using more electricity)

The vouchers can either be emailed out if you have a smart phone or posted if you need a paper copy. You then simply take either the paper voucher or the e-mail on your smart phone onto your normal top up retail outlet along with your card or key & the retailer will make the top up. You get to choose the mix between gas & electric at the point you go to the shop.

To apply for the vouchers fill out this online form or call the Compassionate Communities Hub on 0300 2470050 (9am-5pm Monday to Friday).

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