FREE Wellbeing Packs - 10th Edition Available

This month we've reached the 10th Edition of the Wellbeing Packs, that are now being distributed to over 750 individuals by 27 Compassionate Community volunteers in the next week. It's not too late to request a FREE pack for a client, friend, neighbour or family member. You can view all editions online on the Compassionate Community website.

What are the Wellbeing Packs?

The Wellbeing Packs initiative began at the start of the pandemic, when 8 local organisations put together 20 pages of activities to support isolated individuals in our community. These ontinue to be produced on a monthly basis and delivered by Compassionate Community volunteers to individuals doors, where they'll either deliver in person or through the letterbox. If the address is outside of Bath & North East Somerset, then the pack will be posted.

The packs are professionally printed in A4 (Font Size 14) and are available in A3 if specified in the request form below.

Who can request a pack?

Anyone can request a pack, whether it be for yourself, a friend, neighbour, family member or client. Please ensure to seek permission from the individual before requesting.

We have several options for organisations requesting packs:

• We can print the packs for you and drop them off to you to deliver.

• We can print the packs for you and our volunteers can deliver them.

• You can print your own packs (view online versions here) and we can help you get the resources to add to the pack (seeds, tea bags etc) you can either deliver them yourselves or we can help.

Email: if you have any queries regarding the packs.

You can request a pack by completing this webform or view all editions by visiting -