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Funding Opportunity for Tech Project

South West Creative Technology Network has a brilliant funding opportunity open for anyone who has an idea for a tech project which involves inclusion, health and wellbeing, climate change or data rights.

They know that funding applications can be long and complicated, so they're trying to offer as much support as possible with the resources they have.

If you think you or anyone you work with has got an idea for this before you do anything else, email Rachel on or

The deadline for applications is 7th September, which isn’t a long time, but they can help you get there.

A bit more info on the fund and how they can help you apply:

If this is the first time you’re writing an application like this then they’ve got loads of support available to help people grow ideas!!

· If you have an idea but need someone with tech skills, they might be able to connect you with someone.

· We can help you write the application

· 1-2-1 phone calls or zoom chats

· Open zoom meetings to find out more

Even more info on the fund and the application

The application form and extra info is available here. Some of it looks complicated but they can help you make sense of it! The first thing to do is email Rachel on or give Tony a call on 07931945733.

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