Guidance on Volunteer Management

Updated: Jun 29

We recently celebrated Volunteers' Week 2022, and along with many third sector organisations, extended our thanks to the amazing individuals across our communities who volunteer their time and skills to good causes.

It goes without saying that volunteers are the backbone of the third sector, and so maintaining an effective volunteer management system that easily supports volunteers throughout the process is vital.

This can be a challenge on tight budgets and time constraints, but digital methods can make a huge improvement to the efficiency of small charities' volunteer management.

There are now a wide range of digital volunteer management systems available in all shapes and sizes to suit the needs of any charity, to help streamline the process of volunteer organisation. Not only does this improve the organisation's efficiency, but it offers a more positive experience for volunteers, fosters stronger relationships between volunteer coordinators and individual volunteers, and improves retention rates.

Volunteer management systems can therefore help charities with recruitment, communication, engagement, tracking and recognition.

Charity Digital have helpfully compared five top volunteer management systems for charities, including pricing and functionalities, and have links to further resources to help you identify the best system for your organisation.

They have also compiled a handy, in-depth article packed with lots of advice on volunteer management systems, why they're so helpful and how to go about using them.