Have You Registered Your Organisation with Live Well BaNES yet?

Have you registered your charity on Live Well B&NES yet? The website has an average of around 15,000 visitors a month, so it's great exposure for your organisation to be listed as one of the service providers in BaNES.

Registering is easy and should only take around five minutes, then your charity gets free promotion!

If you work with or support families, young people, SEND families and parent carers or adults needing care or support, you’ll find lots of information on Live Well B&NES.

As well as providing information, signposting and support to discrete groups of people, Live Well B&NES is also a tool that can be used by organisations and groups to support the people with whom they are working.

Live Well B&NES also has a handy ‘My favourites’ facility where people can bookmark organisations, support and resources relevant to their needs.

Live Well B&NES provides, in a single place, Bath & North East Somerset’s SEND Local Offer, Universal/early help family information and information and signposting for adults needing care or support. The resource complies with legislation, including the Care Act 2014 (information and advice duty), SEND Code of Practice and the Childcare Act 2006. Services, organisations and groups can self-register for free, quickly and easily.

The resource is complemented by Live Well B&NES Facebook, where a range of news, activities and information is shared. Our Youth Info. Instagram account shares a wealth of information aimed at young people.

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Contact the team anytime: Livewell@bathnes.gov.uk

Your charity could also be included in future Live Well Bath & North East Somerset social media campaigns. If you would like to be involved email: Livewell@bathnes.gov.uk and the team will be in touch.