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How much office space is really needed?

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As organisations try to return to a normal working practice in Bath and North East Somerset, the question of office space becomes increasingly important. For CEO's and trustees, having a dedicated office space is essential for maintaining a professional image and ensuring that meetings can be conducted in a quiet and confidential environment. However, office space can be costly, and many charities are finding it difficult to justify the expense.

As a result, many CEO's and trustees are sharing office space or working from home. While this arrangement can save money in the short term, it can also create problems with privacy and communication. In order to foster a thriving third sector, it is essential that adequate office space is available for them.

The first step is work out the amount of space needed. To give you an idea on how much office space you really need, this article provides a handy guide:

If you are a charity, community group or social enterprise looking for office space in Bath and North East Somerset, then please do contact us by emailing as we are currently lobbying for more space to be made available for organisations.

Also, don't forget if your organisation is a 3SG member, then you can check out our BaNES Community Venue Directory by visiting our resources page. You'll need to make sure you're logged in or if you don't have a profile then you can create one here:

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