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Independent Age Grants Fund

Reaching older people most likely to be missing out – now and beyond the coronavirus pandemic.

Coronavirus has changed the lives of everyone in the UK, but this is particularly true for our older generation who remain amongst the most affected. Before coronavirus struck the nation, Independent Age was exploring how to strengthen collaboration with older people and local organisations with the aim of shaping a more active role in supporting communities. But right now, our focus must be directed towards the current crisis. We can’t do this alone which is why our trustees have released £2 million from Independent Age’s funds to help smaller organisations across the UK working with older people hardest hit by the virus.

Our Grants Fund will comprise of four separate funding rounds. In each round we will make £500,000 available where organisations can apply to receive up to £15,000 each.

Application closing dates for each funding round are detailed as follows:

Closing date for applicationsWhen we will confirm our decisionRound 1 9am on 4 June 202019 June 2020Round 2 9am on 2 July 202017 July 2020Round 3 9am on 21 August 20203 September 2020Round 4 9am on 18 September 20201 October 2020

We will be ready to receive applications on the 18th May. But please be aware you can only apply once. If you have been unsuccessful, you will not be able to re-apply in a later funding round.

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