It's What They Don't Tell Us... (About Money)

Money is the last thing we want to talk about to strangers. By the time we do, it's often because we've reached breaking point.

Clean Slate's Money Health-Check service helps people, whether they say they are struggling or not, to uncover ways to become better off. This means support workers don't need to be expert in spotting the signs that people are sliding into hardship, debt or homelessness. If you're speaking to them, consider them eligible.

This one-minute video shows how the Money Health-Check works.

The process uses an online Quiz and it works as a triage, using yes/no questions, not delving into participants' financial circumstances. 'No' answers trigger guidance towards steps that have benefited recent users by at least £316, (average based on disclosed amounts, Jul-Sep 2020, B&NES).

To refer people, go to and click Make a Referral.

We have won Awards for All funding in B&NES to help prevent homelessness by working with: People needing emotional or mental health support; People facing relationship or family breakdown; People using drugs or alcohol to cope. These are always the reported triggers of homelessness, over and above financial problems. The pressures of the pandemic and lockdown mean everyone could be at risk.

The online Quiz has been developed, in partnership with the Good Things Foundation and Mastercard, to promote digital skills and confidence by embedding links to self-help digital tools. The Clean Slate team, however, will guide them through learning how to make use of them.

We look forward to receiving your referrals.