June Senior Leaders Network

The June Senior Leaders Network was a great opportunity to get online with 30 other senior leaders across B&NES.

We started off breaking into groups of 3 to talk about how we have found the last few months, what was really challenging for us and what we are grateful for learning. It was interesting to hear common themes across the sector but the funding shortfall is clearly a serious concern for many of us.

Some organisations are bounced into new roles and new opportunities to support the growing needs across the area as well as unfortunately having to furlough staff. Lots of organisations are embracing technology as a way to reach out to the members and clients. Some of the key feedback from the session was;

  • Surprise about the adaptability of many organisations

  • Concern for widening inequalities- particularly those with mental/physical disabilities

  • Long term planning very difficult at the moment. Now it is more focused on crisis management. Difficult to plan, what happens after lockdown, new ways of working. Hard to get your head round.

  • Challenges of going online, not necessarily set up for it. Challenges of taking services online when people you work with don’t necessarily have access to computers/have a disability.

Janine gave a great talk about developments at the Carers Center and this has all been written into a blog which can be found here. The blog posts are well worth a read and they are posting several a week.

After Janine’s talk we broke out in to small groups to discuss the content and it was agreed by all that people wanted to learn more in a group environment. We have shared the links at the bottom of this post for people to do that.

Here are some of the useful resources shared in the call;

Carers’ Centre Blog

Info on consequence scanning*

(*This is written with a tech / digital focus so the language can seem a bit alien, but the premise of checking in constantly about consequences is applicable outside of the digital world!)

· This is blog about the consequence scanning workshops the Carers Center attended