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Local Giving: Free Fundraising Advice, Christmas Appeals & Giveaway for Charities

You can schedule in a free advice call with one of Local Givings experienced fundraisers on how to effectively set up and run your very own appeal. Click here to book an advice call. Due to social distancing, donors are looking to give digitally. That's why they have included a few examples of different appeals and fundraisers (consider it inspiration!) to show you how successful your fundraising could be. Here they have appeals set up by a cricket club, to buy Christmas gifts, and even for an outdoor classroom. There are also loads of different great fundraising ideas you can engage your supporters with such as a virtual Christmas show, a shoebox fundraiser, or winter quiz night - the different options are endless. They have also collaborated with #XmasPartyHeroes who are encouraging corporations to donate funds from their unused Christmas Party budgets to much needed charities (as these events can no longer go ahead due to COVID-19) to ensure that this money doesn't go to waste. Localgiving is listed as a charity partner on the XmasPartyHeroes website meaning that your charity can easily be searched for and given donations by potential new donors, so please ensure that you have your Christmas campaigns set up!

Christmas Giveaway

In the spirit of Christmas, Localgiving will be having a giveaway which can be won by any charity on the Localgiving platform. The giveaway will be taking place on social media (Facebook, Twitter & Instagram) between 7th-11th December and they have included some info below on how to enter (it is super simple!). They will be giving away a £100 donation to a randomly selected charity. To take part, all you need to do is:

  1. Look out for a post from them on the 7th December outlining that the giveaway is live and you can now enter with a chance of winning (there will be a post on each of our 3 social media platforms).

  2. Make sure that you are following them (@Localgiving) on whichever social media you’re using (whether that be Facebook, Instagram or Twitter – though you could follow them on all 3 for more entries).

  3. Write your own post about why you love being a member of Localgiving and make sure you tag them so they can see it!

They will be announcing the winner of the giveaway on the 14th December.

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