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Mentoring Opportunity

A message from Lloyds Banking Group:

Our Lloyds Banking Group Charity Covid Response Forum offers charities and small businesses the opportunity to explore their most pressing issues in a facilitated session with a team of 5-7 colleagues from the Design team. The aim is to collaborate with charities and small businesses that are struggling during the Covid-19 lockdown by providing impartial and constructive advice. The format is a standalone 2-hr webex session on 25 June from 1 – 3pm; the charity or business can send one or two reps to participate. A nominated facilitator will help the reps prepare for the session by explaining what information to bring and making sure the tech will work on the day.

During the session we apply creative problem-solving skills, experience and insights to frame business challenges, identify opportunities, and develop potential solutions. Our volunteering teams offer a wide range of skills ranging from crisis review and recovery, digital, financial management, leadership and governance, managing teams and communications. We use a tried-and-tested ‘business canvas’ method to structure the session, dig out the root causes of the charity’s problems and map out achievable goals and next steps.

Who are our Design colleagues?

Not just graphic designers and copywriters! We’re a team of nearly 400 specialists including end-to-end service and business designers, researchers, data scientists, Ux/interaction designers and more. Design also includes Responsible Transformation, a team that works across the whole of LBG and externally to make our financial services fairer and more accessible to society. They also work with us to organise charity mentoring and fundraising events like this one.

Criteria for the programme

Participants need to be people-focussed

Participants need to be based in the UK and working for UK beneficiaries

Not for medical research

In previous years Lloyds have supported organisations working on mental health support, youth organisations, support with homelessness and LGBT groups to name a few.

How do I get involved?

Please express your interest in the programme by emailing by close of play Friday 12 June 2020. We can then share details with the team at Lloyds Banking Group who will be in touch!

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