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New Second Oasis Pantry in Southdown

Oasis is opening a second, pop-up community pantry in Bath, to serve the Southdown, Whiteway and Kingsway areas, in partnership with Bath YFC, YMCA, Southdown Methodist Centre and St Barnabas. We're hoping to secure funding to make this pantry permanent.

It will be open each Monday afternoon from 2-4pm in the Roundhill Centre starting from next week (21st June)!

How it will work Access to the Pantry will be run as a membership system. People join up through a referral form online, then can come along weekly to select a number of items. There will be two levels of membership - level 1 (ideal for 1-2 people) and level 2 (aimed at larger households). Level 1 membership costs £3 each week, and for that members can select between approximately 6 and 8 items. Level 2 membership costs £5, for which members can choose around 10 items. They've partnered with Fareshare Southwest, and will be receiving weekly deliveries of store cupboard, chilled and fresh foods. The exact mix of the items available each week will depend on the deliveries received. Timing and location Oasis Pantry will be open every Monday afternoon, from 2pm-4pm, starting on Monday 21st June. Members can drop in any time when the pantry is open, there's no need to pre-book. The Pantry is based at YMCA Roundhill Centre on Mount Road (BA2 1LG) Membership criteria Their primary target is individuals or families who live or work within an approximate 15 minutes' walk of the Roundhill Centre, and who are living in poverty. This covers Southdown, Whiteway and Kingsway areas. Anyone on a low income (relative poverty is defined as a household income of less than £18,000), and who feels they are struggling to buy high-quality food, is welcome to register. They will not require proof of eligibility. Referrals People are welcome to self-refer, and they are happy to take referrals from professionals, charities, other pantries and other support organisations. They'd really like if you could pass all this information about the Pantry on to anyone you feel could benefit from becoming a member, and to any colleagues who may know of people who would benefit. The referral form can be found here. They are really happy to help anyone who needs support to complete this, please just email them at and they'll be in touch directly.

Contact details There's more information available on their website: The referral form is here Pantry Referral Form You can email them at Please feel free to call on 07984 014704

Please also note that they've changed the pricing model at their city centre pantry. There will now be no annual membership fee, and the price will be as Southdown, i.e. £3 for level 1 membership and £5 for level 2. Their website has been fully updated with these changes.

Please follow them on Instagram @oasisbath; Facebook OasisHubBath; Twitter @Oasis_Bath

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