New Treasurer Trustee Vacancy at 3SG

3SG is governed by our member organisations, which means that our 10 Trustees are comprised entirely of senior representatives from the 180 charities, community groups and social enterprises working in BaNES that are members of 3SG.

Michelle Jacobs has recently left her role at Curo and so can longer continue as the 3SG Treasurer on the Trustee Board. We are therefore looking to recruit a new individual who can play this vital role in our organisation.

The Trustee Treasurer role description is available to read here. The role is suitable for anybody in a senior leadership position within a 3rd sector organisation that is a member of 3SG. You must be able to attend six Trustee meetings a year plus ad hoc support with the 3SG Director and replying to regular group email conversations.

Expression of Interest

To express interest please email by 10pm on the 29th April 2022 with a short statement of a maximum of 200 words on why you want to be a Trustee Treasurer of 3SG, and what experience and skills you can bring.

If you do not wish to apply to become a Trustee but would like to express your views on the experience or attributes that you would like to see in the new Trustees then please also submit those by 29th April so the current Trustees can consider when making the appointments.

Equal Opportunities Policy

At 3SG, we are committed to the principle of equal opportunity and believe in diversity and inclusion throughout our work. 3SG’s objective is to ensure that individuals are selected, promoted and otherwise treated solely on the basis of their relevant aptitudes, skills and abilities. We particularly welcome applications from individuals who identify as BAME, LGBT+ or Disabled.

Thank you to our previous Trustee Michelle!

We'd like to give our heartfelt thanks to Michelle Jacobs, whose support has been invaluable over the last 2 years. Our Coordinator Miles spoke with Michelle about her experience as a Trustee before she left, which you can view below:

What interested you in becoming a Trustee for 3SG?

Having worked in the B&NES area and seen the impact of the Community Wellbeing Hub, I was intrigued and really interested in the work being done so when a role became available I jumped at it as I wanted to be part of this amazing movement.

How have you found your role?

I have learnt lots from my peers, I have had a role to support and influence change locally making a real difference to the support for our communities. I am also amazed by the great fundraising work done by the team, without this 3SG would not exist and without the generosity of our donors, we couldn’t do the life-changing work we do.

Tell us a bit about what your plans are next?

I have a new role with Weston College, as Director of Adult Commercial Development and Strategy and am looking forward to learning and developing further.