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News Can St. Mike’s help you fundraise for your charity?

St. Mike’s Without is a church in Bath city centre, also know as St. Michael’s Without Waitrose! We are now in our second year of running a 'Christmas Pop-Up Shop', mainly offering charity Christmas cards, and also a range of small gifts, plus wrapping paper, tags etc.

One of the key principles for us is supporting local charities, particularly those that may have had extra work, or been hardest hit during the pandemic, and those with a smaller capacity who may not usually engage with fundraising in this way. You may already have experience with purchasing and selling Christmas cards for your charity, in which case we would love to stock them; or you may never have done this before but would like to give it a try on a smaller scale than larger retailers would require. Along with stocking the cards, we can publicise you and your work on our TV screens that have a rolling news during the day and there will also be space for a leaflet holder or similar where your cards/gifts are situated. You could use the opportunity to publicise a specific appeal, or just provide people with general info about what you do. The only thing we can’t accommodate is a fundraising bucket/can.

Our terms are fairly simple:

You provide a minimum of 300 packs on a sale or return basis

We sell them

We split the profits on a 50/50 basis (and you also get the cost price back of course). Do get in touch with Lisa in our office to discuss or clarify any of this. You can contact her via, or on 01225 447103

We appreciate time is a little tight as we aim to open on 23rd October, going right through to mid/late December but very much hope you can come on board! NB. We have an aim to be plastic packaging free in 3 years, this is Year 1, so just something to bear in mind. We will still accept cards in cellophane but wanted to flag this up as early as possible to enable people to find affordable alternatives.

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