News NCVO Almanac 2021 Released

Last week, The National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO) launched its Almanac for 2021. Drawing on a range of sources, the Almanac provides a snapshot of what voluntary organisations do, their income and spending, workforce, volunteering and impact.

Some of the key statistics from the report are outlined below:

- There are 163,150 Voluntary Organisations in the UK

- 16.3 Million people volunteered their time at least once during 2020/21 through a group, club or organisation

- The voluntary sector has a paid workforce of 951,611, up 20% since 2010

- The voluntary sector contributed £20bn to the economy or 0.9% of total GDP.

- For a quick overview of the Almanac, read their executive summary.

- You can read the Almanac in full here

You can also find here a summary from Anya Martin from NCVO, who discusses some of the key findings of the Almanac 2021 and the insights they provide about the UK’s voluntary sector.