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Psychological First Aid

Public Health England have just launched a new and free online training course Psychological First Aid: Supporting Children and Young People. This is suitable for anyone who cares for or works with 0 - 25 year olds including parents, caregivers, teachers, social workers, health workers, charity workers, or those who work in community or social support settings. It is also suitable for young adults aged 13 and above to support their peers or family.

Psychological First Aid (PFA) is used across the world to support people during emergencies and difficult times. It involves giving practical help, encourages positive coping and gives hope, so that children, young people and their families can feel safe, connected and able to help themselves. PFA draws on participant’s existing abilities to engage and support others. You do not need to be a specialist

By the end of this course participants will:

  • help those in distress find solutions to their needs and problems

  • know more about children and young people’s reactions to potentially traumatic experiences at different ages

  • have better knowledge and confidence to support children and young people during and after crisis or difficult situations , as well as to be able to identify children and young people who would benefit from PFA

  • understand how to better support themself and peers in such crises

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