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Register your organisation with Live Well B&NES

Since 2014, the B&NES Local Authority has a duty to signpost adults needing support or care, to the advice and information they require. Live Well B&NES was created in response to this, and involves a collaboration between three pre-existing resources prior to Live Well B&NES creation in 2021. Live Well B&NES is therefore the Council’s central information and signposting point for adults needing care or support. It also comprises of the SEND Local Offer and Universal family information.

Live Well B&NES is aimed at three groups:

- SEND (Rainbow Resource) is aimed at families with a child or young person with a disability or special education need.

- Children & Families offers families with young children information about parenting support, registered childcare, activities, clubs and groups.

- Adults requiring care and support to live independently (and their carers/families) are supported.

Information from pre-birth to old age is provided through Live Well B&NES.

The Live Well B&NES website receives around 20,000 visitors a month, and many 3SG members are listed on the website. It is free and easy to register your organisation on Live Well B&NES. Featuring as a listed service provider offers great exposure for your organisation, as well as a chance to promote your activities, events and projects.

Live Well B&NES is also a useful tool for organisations and groups to support the people with whom they are working. So if you work with or support families, young people, SEND families and parent carers or adults needing care or support, you’ll find lots of information on Live Well B&NES. Live Well B&NES is not a static, unchanging web resource; it aims to continue developing and growing, based on user feedback.

There is a wealth of information, support and resources available via the Live Well B&NES programme, and we encourage all Third Sector groups, and the communities and individuals they work with, to find out more.

Be sure to follow the Live Well B&NES Facebook page to keep up-to-date.

If you’d like more information about LiveWell B&NES, email

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