Repair Shop presenter learns to read at 51 with the help of Read Easy

Updated: Feb 4

Picture of Jay Blades

Jay Blades of The Repair Shop Has Learnt to Read, Now Adults in Bath Can Learn Too!

Jay Blades, star of The Repair Shop, has featured on a BBC documentary charting his journey learning to read as an adult with a Read Easy reading coach. The programme is available to watch on BBC iPlayer.

Read Easy is a charity with groups across the UK, who are passionate about transforming lives through a proven, confidential programme of free, one-to-one, volunteer-led adult reading coaching.

Read Easy Bath was launched in December 2020 and is now providing free one to one coaching for adults who want to learn to read. They currently have nine adults learning to read, each working one-to-one with a volunteer reading coach and they have capacity for more. If you are someone who would like to learn to read or you know someone who would, Read Easy Bath can help.

Read Easy Bath Team leader, David Hassard, said, ‘We’re delighted that Jay Blades is sharing his experience as an adult learner and hope that it inspires other adults to come forward. In Bath, we are all geared up to help. We have fully trained volunteer reading coaches who are waiting to be paired with readers. It’s a confidential, free service with coaching done at a pace to suit each learner.’

Read Easy Bath is also looking for adults who want to learn to read. If you know someone who would like to learn to read or are an agency who might be able to put us in touch with potential readers, please contact David Hassard at or on 07976 160838.

For further information on this or to request an interview, please contact David on the email/number above or head to their website.