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Resolve to stop the violence programme

Updated: Feb 4, 2022

DHI RSVP Programme Logo

The RSVP programme is a specialist service ran by Developing Health & Independence (DHI) in the BaNES area.

RSVP work with individuals who have become confrontational or aggressive to partners/ex-partners or family members.

They are not a relationship counselling or anger management service but can support individuals to develop healthy relationships.

They are currently taking referrals for their 10 week 1-2-1 programme, helping those who have acknowledged a shift in their behaviour to make changes for the better.

RSVP can offer the tools to make positive changes towards a respectful relationship with family and partners.

If anyone you work with has acknowledged displaying aggressive or confrontational tendencies, as outlined in the brochure, please consider a referral to RSVP.

Further information about the service and benefits can be sought from Mel Davis - RSVP Coordinator. Contact her on: 07970 889165, DHI: 01225 329411 or email:

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