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Route 60+ - An event for the over 60's for more confidence and safer driving for longer

Confidence in driving can be a problem as you get older, and the recent lockdowns haven’t helped – it’s quite likely that you’ve been driving much less than usual, or possibly not at all since last March. Are you thinking you might just not drive again? Maybe the real cost of running a car doesn’t seem worth it anymore?

Then again, the reality of not driving and losing independence becomes a strong reason for keeping the car going, despite the anxiety that may cause. The most important thing is that you are safe and feel as confident as you can

One way to achieve this is to attend a Route 60+ event, dedicated to supporting older drivers to keep driving for longer; safely and with confidence. Somerset Council’s Road Safety team have been running these events with great success and with thanks from grateful drivers. The Road Safety Team say: “There is no safe age to stop driving. Our Route 60+ programme is designed to help drivers continue their driving career for as long as possible.”

The session addresses issues such as how vehicles have changed over the years, how our own driving habits have changed, and how we can update our skills.

With their help and expertise you can get some tips, ask any question but above all, come away feeling more reassured about driving. You can also discuss whether stopping driving is the best for you, but make that as an informed decision

With support from the Police Trust Road Safety Fund, the Village Agents will be hosting Route 60 + events in our rural areas from July. These are free events open to all and will include a chance to meet other organisations that may also be helpful. You don't have to be over 60 and you will be welcomed with a hot drink.

Confirmed dates are: Tuesday 20th July at the Somer Centre in Midsomer Norton Monday 20th September at Conygre Hall, Timsbury.

Doors open at 10am for browsing and the seminar begins at 11.30am.

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