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Salary Checker and Charity Recruitment Tips in 2022

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

The job market continues to be driven by candidates, and charities are still having to work hard to secure quality staff. With this in mind, it's worth routinely reviewing your recruitment practices and ideas, including compensation packages and person specifications, to ensure you're doing everything you can to attract the right talent.

Earlier in the year, we shared a brand new resource with you from Charity Job. With the cost of living crisis spiralling, it's even more important to benchmark your salary offerings against market averages, to ensure your vacancies are competitive enough. Charity Job's useful Salary Checker tool can help you do this.

The Salary Checker tool allows you to search for specific job titles, and find average salary offerings from jobs advertised over the last 12 months. It will provide an exact figure as well as an average salary range, from lowest to highest. You can also view examples of these job adverts, to see what else is being offered in compensation packages by other charities. You can even filter by organisation size, making the results more relevant for your organisation.

To use this tool, you'll need a Charity Job account (it's free) and then follow this link:

If you're struggling to fill a role, but you've no wiggle room on salary, consider re-evaluating the job description, or expanding your candidate pool. The pandemic has spurred many to rethink their careers and pursue more meaningful work, and the transferable skills of workers from outside the sector may be the breath of fresh air your organisation needs. You can find out more about identifying new potential outside of the sector here.

An analysis of your charity's skills gaps and needs can also be beneficial for finetuning job adverts, identifying untapped talent within your organisation, and improving overall efficiency. This could be a very insightful activity to perform before finalising any job adverts. Check out Charity Job's handy guide for conducting a skills gap analysis here.

If you're interested in understanding the current state of the charity jobs market in more detail,

Charity Job has just released its comprehensive 2022 report on the State of Charity Recruitment. The report can be downloaded and reviewed in full here.

For a snapshot overview of the report, we've summarised a few of the findings below...

- The report finds that, after an initial plummet in job vacancies in the sector as the COVID-19 pandemic hit and a subsequent rise in the number of applications per job opening, the sector may now be in a candidate shortage.

- The number of jobs in the sector now exceeds pre-pandemic levels, which is consistent with the whole economy. However, unlike some other sectors, the charity sector does not seem to be facing drastic staff shortages, and is in a fairly positive position; the number of applications per job is only slightly lower than pre-pandemic levels.

- In terms of salaries, some charitable causes continue to have the highest average salaries, including International Development, Charity Suppliers, Education charities, and Arts and Cultural causes. Average salaries in the highest paying causes dropped from 2020 to 2021, whilst average salaries in the lowest paying causes - Crime, Mental Health, and Disability - rose.

- Proportions of vacancies offering contract work, part time, or permanent, remain fairly consistent with pre-pandemic levels, and show no signs of a consistent change in the way the sector works.

- However, Charity Job finds a misalignment with the number of part-time vacancies advertised, and the high number of candidates signed up for part-time job alerts, suggesting that charities ought to consider offering more flexibility in their job adverts, such as part time hours and job shares.

- In terms of roles, Fundraisers remain the most popular vacancy to appear on the site, with demand for Administrators also rising in 2021. There has also been a gradual increase in the number of management and senior management vacancies advertised, which could reflect a change of heart from those in leadership positions wanting to move on after a particularly tough period.

- Unsurprisingly, remote jobs and vacancies advertising "home-based" flexible working have jumped from below 5% pre-pandemic, to over 15% in 2021.

- The number of volunteer positions advertised has slowly recovered during 2021, likely thanks to high numbers of volunteering positions in Social Welfare as a result of the pandemic.

- Surprisingly, tech jobs have remained consistent despite developments in this area and growth of digital use in response to the pandemic.

For more advice and tips on recruiting for your charity, and the current job market trends, check out the Charity Job website, or download their free Recruitment Guide for Charities here.

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