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Secondary school admissions in Bath and North East Somerset

More than eight out of ten families in Bath and North East Somerset have been offered a place at their first choice of secondary school for admissions this September.

Bath & North East Somerset Council received 1845 applications for secondary school places for admission into the 2021/2022 academic year, up on 1787 for the previous year.

Eighty-four per cent of children have been allocated a place in their highest preferred school, making up a total of 1554 children.

Figures show 174 pupils have been offered their second preference, 25 pupils their third preference, six pupils have received an offer of their fourth preference school and no pupils needed to be allocated their fifth, meaning 95.3% received one of their overall preferences.

Seventy-seven pupils have not been offered a place at any of their preferences and have instead been offered a place at their next nearest school with a place available, which is known as a referral.

All Bath and North East Somerset pupils who made an on-time application have been offered a place.

Councillor Kevin Guy, cabinet member for Children’s Services, said: “I’m pleased to see that so many children have been awarded a place at their first choice of secondary school, despite an increase in the number of children needing them this year. It’s clear that parents and carers value the importance of their child attending their local school and being part of the local community.

“I’m pleased that once again we’ve been able to offer all children a place. I look forward to seeing the current Year Six pupils in B&NES enjoying their transition to secondary school, in what has been a challenging year for them so far due to the disruption in their last year of primary school.”

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