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September 2021 sign up for HITZ

Message from Mia, HITZ Officer at Bath Rugby Foundation

"Recruitment is now open for September sign up! We are recruiting for Young adults 16-19 years old or 19–24-year-olds who have an EHCP.

HITZ provides young people with qualifications and enrichment opportunities to support them to get back on track and develop the life skills needed. Our classrooms are very different and allow us to teach in a learner centred way, the learners participate in a wide variety of sports (not just rugby!), visit local areas and gain qualifications in Sports and Employability.

During enrichment opportunities we use a range of experiences to support the young people to develop confidence, self-esteem, healthy living and development for the next step. To support with the development of these life skills we use sports, music, art, food, animals, visits from local businesses and community engagement.

This year we are running courses in both Sports and Employability, these courses will be delivered through our educational partners SCL. Alongside achieving a qualification, learners will participate in work experience hours to support with experience for their C.V’s and to prepare them for the next steps after HITZ!

If you have any young people who would be interested in enrolling in one of our courses, please don’t hesitate to get in contact. We are able to sign learners up for September sign up now!

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