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Special New Year Message from the 3SG Director

"A very Happy New Year to all of our 3SG members. I hope you managed to have a restorative festive break. Many of us needed a well deserved rest, but unfortunately it seems quite a few succumbed to flu and Covid instead. Not really what we had planned!

Whatever your Christmas and New Year looked like, I hope you are easing back into January and all that it brings. For many, it may feel like going from zero to a thousand in just a few days. Now more than ever, it is important that we take care of ourselves so that organisations can support those in need, for as we know, demand is rising and services are stretched. We are all battling through what can often feel like a bleak, wet, illness-ridden January - at the best of times!

I’ve just finished reading the NAVCA annual survey findings and comparing the national picture as we start to analyse the 3SG Annual Third Sector Survey which was completed at the end of last year. We aim to release the results towards the end of this month. As you would expect, the top three issues align with concern over long term funding, staff recruitment and wellbeing and increased demand for services. But locally, there is hope - with 3SG members reporting that morale is still high and collaboration is key.

Between Christmas and New Year the 3SG team met to plan for 2023. Our focus, of course, is to support members fully as we navigate the pressures together and as a charity ourselves, we share concerns about long term funding. Amongst our plans are regular socials and more face to face events, following some really informative and heart-warming get togethers towards the end of last year. When times are hard, coming together is key, and whilst we know capacity challenges can make attending events difficult, we really believe that it is worth it, so please support these if you can.

Following our successful SSE workshops and events last year, we’ll be looking for funding to put on some more of these throughout 2023, plus handy sessions, such as our Canva workshops and of course, 1:1 support where needed. Our jobs page is growing and producing good results for those advertising and we’ll be looking to shine more of a spotlight on member organisations, since welcoming Emma Huggill to the team full time as our Operations and Content Coordinator. We will be launching an Ageing Well Network this year for organisations working with older people and there will be more information coming through on the Integrated Care System as well as this begins to settle.

And finally, we ended last year on a high as we reached 200 members! As I write this, we are celebrating 208 organisations joining us. Welcome! I’d like to mention Miles and Emma here, as their hard work and dedication to 3SG has been instrumental in this growth. They are a wonderful team.

Whilst 2023 will yet again be another challenging year, we cannot wait to get started - moving forward in the spirit of positivity, hope and collaboration. We are here for you - so please get in touch if you have any ideas or ways in which we might be able to support you. Happy New Year!"

Rebecca Brooks, 3SG Director

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