Stories from Dream Space - Online Exhibition

Discover life in Bath but not as you know it. Listen, watch and read stories from citizens of Bath. Gain a unique insight into how the pandemic, racism and the climate & ecological crisis are shaping life in Bath. Together, let’s dream of a city that is not just beautiful, but also kinder, more inclusive, and exists in balance with nature.

Inspired by the protest stories heard on the streets of Bath, Dream Space convened over one hundred Bath citizens to listen and share stories of the three defining issues of our time: The Covid-19 pandemic – the climate & ecological crisis – racism.

More than fifty stories were shared, expressed through poetry, song, spoken word and free form-reflections. Our exhibition brings them to you through a series of short films, podcast episodes and stories gallery.


Watch the short film series below:

Living in a climate & ecological emergency

The third film in the Dream Space short film series - featuring some of the fascinating and inspiring stories shared at our Climate gathering in November 2020, and revealing what it's like to live in a climate & ecological emergency, and what a greener future could look like here in Bath.

Don’t bring this to our city’ - Experiences of racism in Bath

Edited by Dan Martin, and featuring some of the powerful and inspiring stories shared with Dream Space, this short film explores experiences of racism in Bath, and how we can create a more inclusive city.

Community is Immunity

The first in the Dream Space short film series, revealing how the pandemic is shaping lives in Bath, and how this great pause gives us the opportunity to create a brighter future for the city and its people. Edited by Dan Martin.