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Supporting and Inspiring Parents

Are you interested in creating a pilot to support parents of young people who are currently accessing support from your organisation? Following the recent Boys in Mind/Girls Mind Too conference in Bath and a subsequent conversation with Niki Jewett and Jamie Colston, there is a collective awareness of an increasing need for more support for the parents and carers of young people. This was also apparent from parental input at the Boys In Mind/Girls Mind Too conference.

In our conversation we discussed designing and facilitating a year-long pilot that builds on the successful work of Parent Circle at Ralph Allen School. Parent Circle is a peer to peer support group that has been successfully run by parents at the school for the last 8 years. The model of Parent Circle grew from the school’s need to engage more deeply with parents and parents’ need for support around engaging with their children's education by connecting more with the school and each other. The Parent Circle model was designed collaboratively and was mindful of making sure that all parties were supported safely by how it worked, whilst making sure that it enabled an environment to support change and growth within the organisation. All attendees participated as equals and the focus of the group was lead by participants.

Niki Jewett co-designed and co-founded Parent Circle and has been a governor at Ralph Allen School for 9 years. Niki has worked in many educational contexts and with young people, She is a communications consultant and delivers facilitation and participation training with Jamie Colston. Jamie Colston is a facilitator, catalyst and coach who designs and facilitates meaningful and transformative conversations, change experiences, leadership programmes, strategy days and networks. Read more about Jamie here

In the context of these conversations, we would like to invite you to explore the potential of collaborating on a framework for supporting and inspiring parents. The aim would be that parents would become more resourced, learn new skills and gather knowledge that means they are better able to support themselves and ultimately better support the young people in their care.

Please email and let her know if you would be interested in attending a preliminary meeting to discuss ideas about how this could meet the existing need in your organisation and your beneficiaries.

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