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The best volunteer management systems for charities

Managing volunteers requires a more sophisticated system than just a spreadsheet. But with so many options on the market, it can be difficult to sift through the noise and select the right platform for you. You will need to choose a system that meets your needs, aligns with your overall mission, and works within the realms of your resources.

Charity Digital recently ran a helpful webinar with Helpforce, to show charities how to pick the volunteer management system that works best for them. They explore how volunteer management systems support charities with their service delivery, how they work in practice, and why charities need one.

It also gives a breakdown of 5 prominent systems (see below) on the market, comparing and contrasting. With each option, they explore, among other things, functionality, suitability, optimisation, personalisation, and pricing.

  1. Better Impact

  2. Assemble

  3. Team Kinetic

  4. Volgistics

  5. Volunteero

Slides & Webinar Recording Below

  • Download the slides

  • DataKind UK

  • Superhighways

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