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The Good Employment Charter ... A Good Employer Gets It!

Good Employment Charter

The Good Employment Charter is a voluntary accreditation scheme that aims to improve employment standards in the West of England for organisations of all sizes and sectors, through characteristics that will raise the value and quality of work, allowing employers to become an ‘employer of choice’, leading them to higher staff retention rates, better productivity and contributing to a thriving economy.

What is the Charter?

The West of England Good Employment Charter will set the standard for working practices in the region. Supporting businesses of any size or sector to improve investment in their staff, enabling more inclusive, equitable and sustainable working practices, positively benefiting people, society, and the wider economy.

These are just some of the ways joining the Charter and being an employer of choice could benefit you:

  • Higher staff retention rates

  • Better productivity

  • Healthier workplace culture

  • Top talent chooses you

Why has it been introduced?

The Mayor of the West of England is prioritising the creation of good quality jobs which are fair and accessible to all. A key element of this is the Good Employment Charter, which will help ensure good accessible jobs in the West of England paying the Real Living Wage and promote more sustainable business practices.

Join the Good Employment Charter today

The Good Employment Charter is a West of England Combined Authority initiative. We are on a mission to help employers provide a more rewarding, inclusive and sustainable work environment for all their employees. We want to improve and set the employment standard in our region by encouraging organisations of any size, and within any sector, to become supporters and members of the Charter.

Find out more and become a supporter today:

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