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The 'National Device Bank': A New Scheme to Tackle Digital Exclusion

Access to the internet has become an essential resource in today's society, yet with the cost of living continuing to rise drastically, many find they are unable to afford this necessity and are locked out of the connectivity and opportunities of modern life.

Millions of people in the UK are currently lacking the basic digital skills needed to participate in society digitally, or have been unable to connect to the internet from their home.

The pandemic has highlighted this vital need and the disparity that currently exists; Access to essential services, health and wellbeing, communication with loved ones, and job opportunities should not be limited to those able to afford the costs of connectivity. The internet has become a lifeline for many, and the Good Things Foundation has decided to build a new initiative in response to this inequality, The National Device Bank.

The aim of the National Device Bank is to provide refurbished devices as well as mobile internet access to disadvantaged communities, by working alongside community and national partners, such as Reconome, to tackle the current barriers.

Community organisations and charities will be able to apply for provision of free devices, free internet data and support, to their eligible service users. Those users must be over 18, from a low income household and have no access to a device.

Those wanting to request assistance, or to help the cause, are encouraged to contact their local Online Centre. Across BaNES, here are currently 8 centre's in Bath, 3 in Keynsham, 1 in Saltford, 1 in Paulton and in Radstock.

To find out more, click here.

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