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The Trauma Recovery Centre in Bath celebrates 10 years

This month the Trauma Recovery Centre (TRC) in Bath celebrates 10 years of helping children, young people and families recover from complex trauma.

The TRC was founded in 2011 by Betsy de Thierry after she had a vision of seeing children find lasting recovery. Taking her 20 years of experience as a teacher, a psychotherapist, an author and a mother of 4, Betsy set about creating the charity and finding a way to help families recover from significant trauma and crisis.

Since that day, the TRC has worked with over 1,000 clients and delivered over 20,000 hours of face to face recovery intervention. Over the last 10 years, the TRC has worked with many families in the South West and have opened more centres in Oxford and Guernsey.

Working with a highly trained team of complex trauma professionals, psychotherapy is provided at the TRC via play, music, art and creative therapy sessions for the child or young person, with therapeutic sessions provided for the parent/carer happening at the same time. The TRC also provide specialist help for other professionals working with the child, such as help with an EHCP plan in educational settings. Working holistically in this way, gives the family a chance to recover from the trauma as a unit and brings hope in what can be a really difficult time.

Betsy de Thierry says:

“It has been an incredible 10 years of helping families find restoration from the traumatic experiences they have survived. As a core team we have been surprised that what started as a small local therapy centre has grown into a nationally recognised centre of excellence for complex trauma. When I founded the charity I was not aware that the important topic of recovery from trauma is not often understood because it is not often taught in qualifying courses around the world. We have been honoured to consult and help families and professionals from all over the UK whilst remaining as a local specialist resource for families in Bath.”

The effectiveness of their work has been evaluated by Christ Church Canterbury University Salomon Applied Psychology Department using clinical data from 248 clients in 2019 and it was found that 98.8% of the sample had significantly clinically improved through the TRC’s intervention, with difficulties, significantly decreasing, and strengths significantly improving.

More than that though, are the many hundreds of positive stories from families and children of lives completely transformed due to the specialist care and love from the TRC team over many months and often from families who have not found help or hope from anywhere else.

A former TRC client says

“The support we have received as a family has changed our lives. Before we were at the TRC we felt shamed, alone and hopeless. You have supported us through our worst times and you have helped the children’s schools to understand too. You have never judged us but have shown patience and kindness as we all changed and recovered.”

If you would like to help the work of the Trauma Recovery Centre continue to bring hope to children, young people and families then you can donate via their website

For more information about the Trauma Recovery Centre visit

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