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Together Fund launched in West of England to distribute £380,000 to communities

Updated: May 20, 2022

Wesport, the sports charity that helps people to become more physically active and enjoy the benefits that an active lifestyle can bring, has launched the Sport England, Together Fund. In partnership with Voscur, Wesport are distributing £380,000 to communities across the West of England.

Wesport have been administering Phases 1-3 of the Tackling Inequalities Fund since April 2020, however, the fund is changing to the 'Sport England’s Together Fund' as it progresses from phase 3.

Insight has shown that certain groups were disproportionately affected by the pandemic and impacted their ability to be physically active. Therefore, the Together Fund will focus on four priority groups:

  • Culturally diverse communities

  • Disabled people

  • People with long-term health conditions

  • People on low incomes

Wesport have put together a helpful video together on how the new Together Fund will work and the journey leading up to the fund.

The maximum amount of funding from this fund is is £10,000, however, Sport England expect that the vast majority of awards will continue to sit below £5,000 as they want to reach as many individual organisations as possible.

The deadline for returning your completed application and supporting documents is 6th June 2022! To view all these details and find out how to apply, please visit:

3SG are proud to be one of the VCFSE organisations supporting with this fund along with Voscur, VANS and CVS South Gloucestershire.

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