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U Bath Student Volunteering - How your organisation can get involved.

The University of Bath Student Union are getting ready for students returning and wanted to share opportunities for local organisations to get involved.

The various opportunities are outlined below:

  • Advertising Volunteering Opportunities

  • Gold Scholars Charity Day

  • ROTORK Challenge 2021

  • RAG 2021-2022

  • V Team and Student Projects

  • Staff Changes

1. Advertising Volunteering Opportunities

Most of our students will be returning at the end of September (some never left, and some will be studying from home due to the C word).

We are always looking for new and exciting opportunities to add to our opportunities page.

Top tips on recruiting students and saving your time in the process.

The undergraduate student year runs 4th October until 25th April when they head into exams then home for the summer. If you are advertising a “one year role” these are the dates to work between.

Please don’t put up open ended applications and opportunities as we need to keep the opportunities page ‘fresh’ and please can you put the advert up for no longer than 3 weeks (end of Oct for now as it’s the holidays).

Please can you define the time frame you would like the students for, for eg end of the academic year, until Christmas or if it’s a specific piece of work over the summer. This will help students to recognise if they will be around or not and will be more likely then to sign up.

If you need help please do get in touch- we are more than happy to support putting opportunities up and talking through potential ideas.

2. ROTORK Challenge 2021

Rotork Community Challenge 2021 is where our MSc students engage with local organisations and make a positive impact in the local community. Some challenges are about fundraising, some are about awareness raising and some are about delivering specific events to service users. Students apply to join a challenge in October, and we form them into groups of 7-8 students. Each group is assigned a team support who gives them advice and guidance as they attempt their challenge. Groups will compete in a presentation evening on Thursday 9th December to win prizes for their charity (monetary donations provided by Rotork), which we would warmly invite you to attend.

The aim of the challenge is to help our students to develop employability skills such as team working, planning and interacting with UK organisations – all of which are valuable skills for their programme of study, CV building and job searching.

Time Scale:

  • Tuesday 21st September 16:00 - Application Deadline

  • Tuesday 12 October - Launch Event

  • Thursday 21 October - Students meet team members and learn about their challenge

  • October - Students contact their charity for initial meeting to understand more about the challenge

  • October/ November - Students make project plan

  • Thursday 9 December - Presentation Evening

3. Gold Scholars Challenge Day.

Would you like to work for a day with a student team, brainstorming solutions to a problem your charity is currently facing?

If the answer is ‘Yes’ to the question above, we would like to invite your charity to participate in the University of Bath Gold Scholarship Programme ‘Charity Challenge’ on Saturday 30th October 2021. Your charity’s representative will have the opportunity to work with a team of 5 or 6 Gold or Lloyd’s Scholars for a day - either virtually or in person at the University campus. More information.

4. RAG 2021-2022

RAG have made their Big 4 announcement for the year so congratulations to Bath Mind, Three Ways School, Alzheimer’s UK and Bath Welcomes Refugees- RAG are really looking forward to working with you over the coming year.

Next year’s applications will open after Christmas (Jan/Feb 2022)

5. V Team and Student Projects

Virtual Opportunities/ Tasks. Some of our students will still be working remotely next year and we are looking for remote volunteering opportunities for them to participate in. This could form part of our V Virtual project who meet up weekly for an hour to work on a charity task or we could advertise it out on our opportunities page. We always love time defined tasks that just need one or 2 people.

Do you need someone to help with your social media? Lots of you will have asked for help with social media over the last few years to varying success, we launched V Media last year to support you by matching a student to your organisation to work with you on your social feeds. It had some teething problems, but we now have identified a more sustainable model and we will provide more training and support for the students and yourselves. This project will likely restart start of November. Let us know if you would be interested.

Trustee Diversity. As part of a working group with 3SG we have been looking at the diversification of trustee boards in BANES. We are launching a trustee entry programme. This would involve us recruiting and training a handful of students in what it means to be a trustee and some essential skills a trustee may need. We are then hoping to place them in local charities for a one year trustee post, then repeating the cycle so that every year you have a new trustee as one steps down. Let Joshua know if you would be interested in getting a trustee through this project and if you would be interested in supporting the training.

6. Staff Updates

Bryony will be returning from Maternity leave early October which will see us say goodbye to Katherine who has been covering here maternity cover. We also have Beckie joining our team as our part time volunteer coordinator, working alongside Joshua. She will be working 3 days a week for 40 weeks of the year.

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