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Update from DWP


Please share with all your claimants or clients who have made a claim for UC

People applying for Universal Credit will now be able to use their existing Government Gateway account to

confirm their identity, helping to speed up their claim.

8thApril 2020

You will be aware of the high volume of applications to Universal Credit we have received which we are working hard to process as quickly as possible.

To support this aim, we will have staff working every day over Easter and they will be seeking to phone our claimants to progress their applications towards payment.

Over the past 2 weekends our staff have found that sometimes the registered phone number is not being answered or when it is answered, as it was the weekend, they are suspicious whether the call is genuine.

As we want to move forward as many applications as possible, I am asking partners if they are able to ensure that those that you are engaged with are aware that the calls are likely to be made if they have made a claim and that by answering the questions it will allow DWP to progress their applications.

Thank you for your support with this

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