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Updated News from the Time Bank

On Hold

- Gardening sessions are cancelled during lockdown.

- Guitar group not able to meet up at present

- Sewing Workshops (in person) are on hold (BUT see below)

- Feelgood Walks not taking place in groups of six (BUT see below)

Continuing as before

- Southside Food Co-op still running

- Borrow It still open on Tuesday afternoons and Wednesday mornings

- Zoom Groups running as normal

WhatsApp groups still active

Phone calls offered to anyone who’d like a chat

New activites

Scrabble: Wendy, one of our volunteers, is hosting Zoom Scrabble sessions on Wednesday evenings starting at 7pm. Email us for the link.

1:1 Walks: although we can no longer lead walking groups, we may be able to arrange for 2 people to walk together. Email us for further details.

Online Sewing: We are offering Zoom workshops, making face masks. You can borrow a sewing machine from Borrow It, if you need one. Email us for the link.

Online Cookery & Fermentation Workshops: Rachel, one of our volunteers, is running a Zoom session on making sauerkraut this Tuesday (10th Nov) at 2pm. Alex, another volunteer has offered to run Greek Cookery online sessions. Email us for further details and the link.

Take care & keep well

Time Bank Plus team

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