Volunteering FAQs for Covid-19

Here is a list of handy FAQs (Keep checking back here as we'll be updating them regularly).

How do I register as a Compassionate Community volunteer?

We have registered over 2500! Volunteers and we are so grateful to the community. We are pausing recruitment to allow us to find opportunities for everyone.

What if I can't volunteer anymore?

If you can no longer volunteer or what you can do has changed then that fine. Please email us at contact@3sg.org.uk and we’ll make sure that we update your preferences as soon as we possibly can.

I've signed up as a volunteer, what happens next?

If you have volunteered to be a Street Champion (support for people with shopping and medicine collections) then we will be in touch as soon as someone in your area requests support through the support line.

If you have volunteered to be a Befriender (support for those who are isolated and would like some virtual company) then we will be in touch when someone contacts us with a befriending request.

You will need to sign the volunteer handbook and send us a copy of your photo ID before you can complete an assignment.

What ID do you require?

We ask that you submit a copy of your photo ID (passport, driving licence etc)

Should I print out the volunteer handbook?

As the handbook is working document linked to a number of other regularly updated websites and documents it is designed to be read online.

How do I pay for shopping?

We would request that you do not share bank details. We have an expenses process in place that we will share with you if/when you are asked assigned a Street Champion task.

The Process

· The amount of the shopping should be under £30

· 3SG assign a Street Champion

· Street Champion contacts person requiring support and arranges the shopping.

Volunteer buys food with their own money and obtains a separate receipt

Street Champion competes the feedback form online and uploads their receipt and submits BEFORE dropping food off with person in need

· Volunteer leaves receipt in the bags for the person in need

· 3SG reimburses volunteer the same day

· 3SG then contacts the service user for payment

Why do I need to pick up medicine rather than it being delivered?

At the moment the pharmacies are prioritising strong medicine in regards to deliveries and repeat prescriptions etc are being supported under this scheme.

I haven't been given anything to do yet?

That's ok we will be getting back to you as soon as something comes up that you can help with. Make sure you have followed the next steps such as signing the handbook and sending across your ID. Keep an eye on our newsletter that goes out regularly as there are often opportunities in there.

What time commitment do you require?

We do not ask for a specific time commitment. We understand that everyone's circumstances differ and that we are in a rapidly changing landscape so all we ask is that if you do commit to helping someone when we call that you see through that commitment. If you can't help when we call then just let the team know and they'll move on to someone else.

Why do you specify that we go out in pairs at night?

You may have noticed that we ask that our volunteers go out at night in pairs. We understand that this may not be practical for everyone and in such cases, we would ask that you try to limit your Compassionate Community activities to daylight hours. This is not only to ensure your safety (which is paramount) but also to ensure that we do not compromise our insurance provisions as this would mean that we could not continue to provide this vital service within our community.

In order to adhere to current Government guidelines. volunteers working in pairs must be living in the same household.

Can I continue to shop for someone?

Yes you can continue to help someone but we would request that you do not arrange your own payment with the Service User. Each shop needs to come back through us for a number of reasons which protect you as well as the person you are helping. We have a reimbursement process in place below. If you have started to do this please ensure that you revert back to the system you signed up to otherwise we will have to remove you as a volunteer. Also it is very important to check with us before each shop to ensure their bill has been cleared before the next shop, this helps to manage the persons finances. Please text 07903734610 to check this position. We would also advise that you proactively check with the person you are helping if they need anything when you are going to the supermarkets to avoid unnecessary trips.

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