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'Warm Spaces' Network Launched in BaNES this Winter

Updated: May 30, 2023

BaNES council is currently working on a new initiative to support residents across Bath and North East Somerset, in response to the cost-of-living crisis.

The new 'Warm Welcome' package will see council libraries offering information, and signposting local resources, for those struggling with soaring energy bills.

Libraries will host 'Hublets' - accessible computer tablets for residents to access council services from the library, as well as curating an online map and directory of local organisations that can offer help and support.

The council is inviting local organisations to identify additional spaces that can provide warmth and welcome as we approach winter. To register your organisation or space, click here.

Warm spaces will be public spaces within the community, open to all residents, and identifiable via an interactive map so that residents can find their closest and most suitable Warm Space. You can view the current list of warm spaces here.

The Warm Spaces initiative is being supported by the council and its partners in the Community Wellbeing Hub. The Community Wellbeing Hub has responded to the cost of living crisis by stepping up its help with money matters, bills, benefits, energy costs, food, housing, mental health support, jobs and skills, support for carers and other services.

Both the Warm Spaces initiative and the Community Wellbeing Hub form part of the local response to the cost-of-living crisis in BaNES, which also includes the Live Well BaNES Money Matters page. For more information on the council's response, click here.

For more detail, and to stay up-to-date on the Warm Spaces initiative, see the council website.

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