What the Romans did for us - Digital Learning and Making Sessions

What the Romans did for us

Digital Learning and Making Sessions

“It’s amazing how much of our life today is based on what the Romans did all those years ago” – Participant October 2020

We invite you and the individuals you work with to join us for a series of 4 hour-long digital interactive learning and activity sessions that will explore many aspects of Roman life in and around the Roman Baths.

Sessions will be delivered digitally, preferably via zoom, with the possibility of pre-recorded video clips to share. A written activity sheet may also accompany each session, that can also be shared with non-digital participants if required.

Each session includes one resourced activity designed with participants age and / or ability in mind, and an optional extension activity to complete after the online session. We may encourage participants to share images of their creations, but this will always be in line with partnership guidance.

The activities are designed to be low-cost / using items from around the home and can be adapted to suit the requirements of participants. The sessions would be free for up to 15 participants and we can provide the materials packs for the activity sessions, which will be passed onto the partner organisations to share out amongst the participants via post or otherwise.

Overview of sessions and possible activities:

1. Exploring Roman Wellness

  • Find out about Roman wellbeing and medicine – what happened at the baths and how did the Romans try to avoid disease?

  • Activity: Make a lavender sachet

  • Extension: Hand massage sheet or Bath Bomb sheet

2. Meet the Romans

  • Find out about some of the Roman characters that visited the Roman Baths, and some of the evidence they left behind

  • Activity: Make a peg / wooden spoon Roman Character doll out of scraps OR paint a pebble roman -style OR Make a clay tablet with Latin inscription

  • Extension: creative writing based on life at the Roman Baths

3. Roman Food

  • Explore the Roman dining experience. Quiz -What foods did the Romans bring to Britain?

  • Activity: plant a roman herb (e.g. mint, rosemary, thyme) OR dried mystery herb challenge and make a bouquet garnet (with dried or fresh herbs)

  • Extension idea: Sharing roman recipes

4. The Romans are around us

  • There are many aspects of our modern life that we can thank the Romans for, some even inside our own homes. Find out about Roman invention, decoration, language and more.

  • Activity: Make a paper mosaic

  • Extension: Roman place names on maps activity OR Mosaics at home challenge

Other possible activities that could be interchanged include weaving, loo-roll column design and making, papier mache / paper plate sculpture, although these activities may require additional time after the session to complete. We are happy to adapt activities or consider alternatives to meet the needs of participants.

Really enjoyed the sessions they were full of interesting facts and details. I thought I knew a lot about the Romans too having lived in Bath all my life and visited the Roman Baths many times, but I was surprised that a lot of what we were told was new to me. – Participant October 2020

To discuss your requirements further, please feel free to contact Laura Nicholls, Community Engagement Officer at laura_nicholls@bathnes.gov.uk