Wheels for All Bath & West Lockdown Loans

Lockdown Loan'aTrike is here!

Whilst they're not able to run their inclusive cycling sessions up at Odd Down Sports Ground, Wheels for All B&W don't like to see their bikes parked up in the bike store benefiting nobody.

So, they're offering a selection of their trikes to help their users keep active until they're able to re-start sessions at Odd Down (don't ask when!). The selection includes child and adult sized trikes.

Here's how to go about it:

1. Take a look at the 8 trikes on offer in the 4 photos below and choose your trike using the name that's pinned on the trike. Note: they have x3 Tri speeds, X2Trailmates (Trailmates are 1.8m in length) 2. Email your request to chris.revill@cycling.org.uk using the trike's name as above. 3. If you're not already registered with them you'll need to request a link to do this. 4. On a '1st come basis' they'll arrange for you to collect the trike - most likely a Tuesday or Thursday mid morning at Odd Down Sports Ground (ODSG) 5. Trikes are offered on a 'rolling loan' basis - i.e until needed by them for re-start of sessions or by arrangement for another user 6. Loans are free - BUT they'd really appreciate a donation via their Local Giving fundraising page Localgiving FriendsofWfA ​plus some photo's/video's of users having fun on the trike 7. Collection only - returns via users back to ODSG

8. Full T&C's available on booking request

9. If you would like a different model, they will consider your request.

10. You'll need somewhere secure to keep the trike and if you need advice on suitable locations to ride they can help with that. Facebook link is: https://www.facebook.com/wheelsforallbathandwest

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