Write Up: Team Kinetic 2021 Conference; Life After Covid, What Happens Next?

Hello, all I attended this half-day conference last week about the use of tech for charities. I thought it would be useful to share a write-up. Team Kinetic 2021 Conference; Life After Covid, What Happens Next? Team Kinetic is a tech company that aims to: · Build better communities through communication, transparency and clarity of message · Support the voluntary sector with shared research, collaboration, and best practice · Provide great tools FREE so organizations of any size can build better volunteer communities teamkinetic.co.uk Session 1: Focused on Volunteer Passports. Gethyn Williams Volunteering Strategist and Non-Profit Specialist Overview The concept is that volunteers could have a transferable portfolio that could help charities share volunteers and reduce onboarding time as they can see what has already been down to develop the volunteer. Takeaway Would be interesting to look at the concept for use in BANES could be something that 3SG, The Volunteer Centre and The SU Bath could look to develop. This could be useful when redistributing the 2,500 volunteers who signed up to support the community during Covid plus others who have taken up new roles. Session 2: Mobilising UK Voluntary Action Dr. Jurgen Grotz Senior Research Fellow Director of the Institute for Volunteering Research Overview The session was interactive and did a quick snapshot data collection. I wouldn’t say specifically that interesting or useful. Takeaway Mostly want to highlight that there is an Institute for Volunteering Research which is based at the University of East Anglia. They have some interesting articles and have done some interesting research. www.uea.ac.uk/groups-and-centres/institute-for-volunteering-research Session 3: Macmillan, Telephone Buddies Covid 19 response project. Kathryn Palmer-Skillings Volunteering Learning and Development Lead Overview Kathryn spoke about how they transformed their in-person delivery to digital and how they have enjoyed the flexibility and the positives of the change. Online learning was able to reach more people as it didn’t rely on people having to make it to a training center. This also reduced costs. · Blended learning engages volunteers more effectively · Buy-in to digital learning for a Volunteer audience · On-demand, self-guided learning empowers volunteers Takeaway Its good to evaluate what has worked well, what has allowed you to break down traditional berried that you face and how can we use tech to reduce operating costs. Session 4: Session about Team Kinetic Chris Martin Founder and Director – TeamKinetic They used a couple of inspirational quotes "The measure of intelligence is the ability to change" Albert Einstein The second I saw what they meant but don’t think it had the desired impact. “Volunteers are far more capable than we often give them credit for!” I personally would reword to say that Volunteers are more resilient than are given credit for, they want to see your organization succeed and by empowering them correctly you have an amazing resource of ambassadors. I think the key takeaway here is that volunteers have been elevated to a national platform that shows people outside of our sector how amazing we already knew they were. We need to continue to invest in and develop volunteers and empower them to make the change we wish to see in the world. This would involve not shying away from trying new things at the risk of offending long-standing volunteers, as long as they are taken on the journey of why we are doing what we are proposing and how it is aimed to benefit our service users they will want to see it work. Presentations

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