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Supporting Winter Health - Communication Toolkits

BSW Together is the integrated care system (ICS) made up of NHS, local authority and Voluntary and community organisations working together. Collectively, taking responsibility to improve the health and wellbeing of local people, tackle inequalities and achieve better outcomes and access for everyone in our area.

As we enter Winter, BSW Together are aiming to support local communities with their health and wellbeing and will be developing a series of communications toolkits to support this.

BSW Together are hoping that local organisations will help share the key messages in order to reach more people with information and advice that is vital to help them take care of themselves this winter and support our local health and care services.

The communication toolkits will be made available on a regular basis on the BSW Together website ( and will cover a range of topics from self care, to vaccination as well as advice on how to access local health and care services.

Please check the page on a regular basis or sign-up for updates by emailing the Communications Team at

BSW would also welcome your ideas and comments on how they can better share this information with your communities, so please do get in touch.

You can also find a great video explaining more about the ICS and what it really is. The recorded webinar focused on the development of integrated care strategies, explaining what they are, how they relate with other system strategies, and what best practice looks like. View it here.

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