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Insects pollinate £690 million worth of crops in the UK annually, with wild pollinators carrying out 85-95% of this. Many species of bee, moth, butterfly, hoverfly, fly and beetle provide this essential service. Despite this, the steep decline of pollinating insects, and the loss of the habitats that support them, are well documented. One terrifying example is the loss of 97% of UK wildflower meadows since the 1930s.


There is a commitment in Avon Wildlife Trust and partner organisations in the West of England to halt and reverse these losses, with an ambition to become the UK’s Bee & Pollinator Capital. As the Pollinator Recovery Manager, you will be key in reaching these goals.


The initial project focuses on the West Mendips, between AWT’s reserves of Folly Farm and Browne’s Folly. You and your team will work with farmers, landowners and communities to grow the network of habitats between these reserves. To ensure climate resilience, you will work on a variety of priority habitats including grasslands, hedgerows, in-filed trees and carry out improvements to woodland edges, all of which are key to the survival of pollinating species.


As the Pollinator Recovery Manager you will:


  • · Lead and grow your team and portfolio of projects, offering advice and support to farmers, landowners and communities who want to help native insect pollinators.
  • · Develop and deliver inspiring events that raise awareness, conduct research, and create habitats on the ground.
  • · Champion the needs of pollinators in strategic partnerships and work with expert partners, such as BugLife, to monitor sites and explore how climate change affects pollinators and the habitats they rely on.

Pollinator Recovery Manager


£30,000 per year


37 hours per week

Contract Type:

Full time, fixed term contract


Based at our Bristol office with flexible working at various AWT locations, and from home.

Close Date:

Thursday, 27 June 2024

Email Contact:

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