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2022 Trustee Team

We intend to further expand the trustee team in 2022 – so if this Treasurer role is not for you, but you have Safeguarding, H&S, Fundraising & Grants, or Company Secretary experience, we would love to hear from you. The work a foodbank must do is far larger than distributing food.



December 2021 overview of current activity: Keynsham Foodbank is a registered charity and limited company (CIO). We are entirely run by volunteers (no staff). We rent a warehouse and van. Local Churches kindly provide their facilities to us free of charge, from where we distribute food 3 times a week (collection only). Our volunteer Project Manager co-ordinates the teams of volunteers who undertake the operational work to collect, sort, store and distribute food, manage food donations, recruit and train volunteers, and liaise with clients and referring agencies. The Trustees are responsible for strategy, risks and liabilities, and finances. The Operations Team manage the day-to-day operational activity, volunteer recruitment and training, in line with the strategy. Working together, the Trustees and Project Manager manage the public external communication and fund raising.


Useful links

Charity Commission entry | Companies House entry | website 



  • To FY ending March 2021: income £82k, expenditure £26k
  • This is the first year our income has been over £25k.
  • We had a huge increase in income during the 2020 pandemic, we need to manage these resources with care (ringfenced to cover the length of our new warehouse and van rental contracts).
  • We are generously supported by our community.
  • We have helped about one and a half thousand people in 2021 - fewer than 2020, the first year of the pandemic; however, this is about +25% on 2019, and almost +100% on 2018. We have moved circa 20 tonnes of food through our warehouse this year.
  • Approx 80 registered volunteers, 20 – 30 of whom are very active.


About you

  • Commitment to the work of the Keynsham Foodbank. Existing knowledge of foodbanks, working in organisations run by volunteers is very useful, but we can provide this!
  • Experience in financial accounting and reporting procedures, communicating financial information to those who may have little or no financial background, keeping all financial records up to date (book-keeping).
  • Essential skills & experience: A level head! Independent thinking, good ideas and organisation, basic accounting and financial control, collaborative approach.
  • Desirable: Grant / funding applications, experience of voluntary sector.
  • The Treasurer's role could be undertaken remotely. Knowledge of Keynsham and the local area would be useful.


Trustee Role Description – Treasurer


Overview of the role

  • Lead on the financial affairs of the foodbank and ensure that they are conducted within the required legal, accounting and good practice conventions.
  • It is also the responsibility of the treasurer to work in partnership with the chairperson and trustees to ensure the financial viability and development of the organisation.
  • As a trustee of the charity, you will also be a company director of the CIO.


Key tasks


Treasurer Responsibilities

  • Ensure the trustee board fulfils its financial responsibilities.
  • Ensure that the food bank has proper systems for budgeting, financial control, insurance, and reporting.
  • Inform the trustee board members of the finances of the food bank by written report, at least on a quarterly basis ensuring that the board have a clear picture of the financial health of the food bank.
  • Ensure that financial reports, are comprehensible and properly discussed at trustee board meetings, and are provided in the proper format and at the proper time, as required by the relevant charity regulator body (Charity Commission of England & Wales, Charity Commission of Northern Island or OSCR etc).
  • Have properly appointed auditors or independent examiners (as our income is over £25k).
  • Are reported on an annual basis at annual general meetings (AGMs).

Objects of the food bank

  • To ensure the Trustee board develop a long-term strategy for the food bank with clear objectives which can be monitored and adapted.


Other responsibilities, as part of the board of trustees, include:

  • To work alongside the trustee board to ensure the organisation’s financial dealings are systematically accounted for and on time, independently examined (as our income is over £25k) and made publicly available when necessary.
  • Ensure your charity is accountable, actively complying with statutory accounting and reporting requirements and the law. 
  • To ensure appropriate financial plans are in place for future budget allocations as well as looking after contractual agreements with external partners that award money for core costs and additional projects.
  • To help promote the organisation to a wider audience of potential funders and beneficiaries.
  • To ensure the food bank has appropriate procedures to: comply with current legislation and good practice; including employment, health and safety, equal opportunities, safeguarding & GDPR compliance/data protection etc.
  • Act with reasonable care and skill, giving your time, thought and energy to your role.
  • To serve as an additional promoter of the food bank in the community.


Benefits of volunteering

  • Using your existing skills to make a difference.
  • Meet new people who share your passion to eradicate poverty in the local community.
  • Make a real difference to the running of the food bank.


Impact of your role

  • By leading on the financial matters of the food bank operation, you are part of a team providing a vital support function in your local community, ensuring a dignified experience to anyone visiting or anyone who comes into contact with Keynsham Foodbank. 
  • Working as part of a team, creatively solving problems.
  • The team has a wide breadth of experience, and we value the opportunity to increase that further.

Meetings: scheduled trustee meetings are quarterly, about 2 hours, currently by Zoom.

Time commitment: 30 hours a quarter.



A full trustee induction is in place to support the prospective candidate within their role, as well as access to local voluntary action trustee training. Our existing Treasurer is committed to ensuring a smooth handover, and will remain as an active volunteer after they step down.


How to apply

For more information, please contact Gwen Edwards, Chair of Trustees




Treasurer Trustee, Keynsham Foodbank (charity, CIO)


£0. We are entirely run by volunteers, we reimburse expenses.


30 hours a quarter

Contract Type:


Work from home (could be remote), trustee meetings currently over zoom.

Close Date:

Monday, 31 January 2022

Email Contact:

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