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Purpose of Job

To assist the Business Manager in providing a range of services to ensure the smooth, day to day operation of three sites - Southside Youth and Community Centre, Radstock Youth Hub, MSN container skate park site and Bath City Centre. The role includes security, caretaking, general maintenance, cleaning and out of hours key holding.


Youth Connect South West Accountabilities and Responsibilities


  • To assist the Business Manager in providing effective services for all occupiers of the Southside Youth and Community Centre and other buildings that YCSW may lease or own.

  • A general understanding of health and safety and the need for risk management in relation to caretaking duties which include COVID safety, emergency cleaning, including the use of a fogging machine.

  • Security of buildings, including the checking the CCTV and monitoring the car park to ensure it is used appropriately by the general public.

  • Undertake regular Health & Safety and Fire Regulation checks including the conduct of periodic emergency evacuation procedures, ensuring that the Business Manager is advised immediately about any problems so that urgent remedial action can be taken.

  • Acting as a contact officer for the reporting of maintenance and repair problems, ensuring these are recorded and remedial action promptly arranged, escorting contractors on site and monitoring the safety of their working practices, reporting where possible on the quality of their work to the Business Manager.

  • To undertake outside maintenance including daily checks and litter picking.

  • Moving and setting up furniture and equipment in halls and meeting rooms (in liaison with the Business Manager) and properly clearing up those rooms after use.

  • To ensure the current waste disposal and recycling services are available and utilized to ensure a clean and environmentally friendly environment.

  • To undertake general maintenance duties this includes building redecoration and repairs which do not require electrical or gas certification.

  • To assist the Business Manager with key holding duties as required, to act as a key holder responding to out of hour alarm system activations, this can be claimed back using flexi leave.

  • Contribute to the YCSW Vision, Mission and Values.

  • Help ensure YCSW is responsive to community needs and that equalities issues are identified and addressed effectively.

  • Ensure that young people and vulnerable adults within the organisation are safe and follow agreed procedures where it is necessary to make safeguarding arrangements or child protection referrals.

Facilities Officer


£20,444 – £20,852



Contract Type:

Full time


Bath, Radstock, MSN

Close Date:

Friday, 11 November 2022

Email Contact:

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