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Forest school leader/  bushcraft specialist / nature communicator sought to work with primary aged children in B&NES. Session leader needed for all year round (academic terms) on


Wednesday 1-3pm at Farrington Gurney primary, alongside another leader who will assist.  £65 to include planning.


Tuesdays 8.45-3.15pm at St Mary's Timsbury, again working with another leader £100-115; experience dependent. 


And Holiday and weekend woodland adventures / parties at Greyfield Woods, High Littleton.


Rate of £13.75 - £15/ hour related to 8 delivery hours and 4 planning/ prep and pack up hours.


Looking for a positive, capable person who wants to join our team, inspiring and supporting nature-connectedness, creativity and skills outdoors.


 Email with Cv and cover letter if you’re interested 


Please note that this position will be offered to the first suitable candidate who applies, as it is in the children's and schools' interests to have crossover with the existing team member during term 6.

Forest school leader/  bushcraft specialist / nature communicator





Contract Type:

part time


see description

Close Date:

Tuesday, 19 July 2022

Email Contact:

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