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As a Repair Café Lead, you’ll play a vital role in organising and overseeing these impactful events.
If you’re ready to empower individuals, reduce waste, and promote environmental consciousness in our community, join us as a Repair Café Lead and make a meaningful difference!

Repair Café is a community initiative led by Share and Repair, hosting 10 monthly repair cafe events in Bath and surrounding villages. These events are dedicated to fostering sustainable practices and building community connections through repair initiatives. We invite individuals from all walks of life to participate in repairing a diverse range of everyday items, such as electronics, mechanical devices, computers, and clothing, alongside our dedicated volunteers.
At Repair Café, we believe in empowering individuals to extend the lifespan of their belongings, reduce waste, and promote environmental consciousness. Join us in our mission to create a more resilient and environmentally friendly community by taking on the impactful role of Repair Café Lead.

Job Description:
We are seeking a dedicated leader who is passionate about improving the environment and strengthening community bonds through sustainable practices. As a Repair Cafe Lead, you will play a vital role in organising and overseeing monthly Saturday morning Repair Cafe events.


  • Coordinate and schedule the Repair Cafe events annually on a monthly basis (10 per year.)
  • manage volunteers for repairing, administrative tasks, and other event-related responsibilities.
  • Take responsibility for all operational aspects of the Repair Cafe, including managing donations, maintaining records, and overseeing event logistics.
  • Ensure compliance with safety and regulatory standards during events.
  • Collect and maintain accurate data related to repairs, donations, volunteer hours, and event outcomes.
  • Feedback information to the Larkhall Repair Cafe volunteer team

Support and Resources:
The Repair Cafe Lead will receive support from Share and Repair:

  • Access to resources for event organisation and management.
  • Marketing assistance to promote Repair Cafe events.
  • Training opportunities for volunteers.
  • Insurance coverage and guidance on safety protocols during events.


  • Strong organisational and leadership skills.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal abilities.
  • Experience in event management, community engagement, or volunteer coordination is preferred.
  • Familiarity with sustainability practices and repair initiatives is a plus.
  • Commitment to environmental conservation and community empowerment.

Time Commitment – 4-5 hours on the 3rd Saturday of the month plus another 4-5 hours in between events.
If you are passionate about sustainability, community engagement, and making a positive impact, we invite you to join us as a Repair Cafe Lead and be a catalyst for positive change in our community.


To apply or ask any questions contact Hila Horosov, Community Engagement Manager:




4-5 hours on the 3rd Saturday of the month plus another 4-5 hours in between events.

Contract Type:



Close Date:

Tuesday, 30 July 2024

Email Contact:

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