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Key Responsibilities

Driving and Passenger Care

· Drive an Age UK Bath & North East Somerset minibus on designated routes

· Together with the Transport Lead, work out the routes for collecting people each day to ensure that the service operates effectively and safely.

· Accompany passengers safely from their home to the bus, ensure they get on and are seated safely and comfortably.

· Deal with any discomfort or emergency arising for the passengers during the journey

· Deliver the passengers to the agreed destination on time

· Ensure the passengers are able to get off the bus safely and see that they enter the building that they are delivered to, accompanying them if necessary

· Maintain logs of mileage driven and hours worked

· Keep the vehicle clean inside and out

· Notify the Transport Lead of any prosecutions for driving offences incurred whilst an employee

· Notify the Transport Lead of any illness or any medication you are taking which may affect your ability to drive safely

Vehicle Safety

· Drive safely, always complying with all regulations of the Highway Code and all legal requirements/parking regulations

· Participate in checking the safety of the vehicles such as checking tyres, tyre pressures, seat belts and deliver the vehicle to service stations for checking as required e.g. brake safety

· Immediately report all accidents of whatever severity to the Transport Coordinator, or, in their absence, a more senior member of the management team or the Chief Executive

Vehicle Security

· Ensure that the vehicle is kept in the designated storage area and is left secured whenever it is unattended

Personal Safety

· Ensure that you attend Manual Handling and First Aid training when requested and that you do not put yourself at risk in any way while carrying out your duties.

· Bring any matters of concern relating to safety to the attention of your line manager

Age UK B&NES Policies and Procedures

Become familiar with the content of our policies and procedures on the following subjects and ensure that you always work to the requirements: -· Equal Opportunities

· Confidentiality

· Health and Safety

· Complaints


· Ensure that you can be always contacted by phone whilst on duty and that a message service will operate when you are driving.

· Pick up and deal with messages at regular intervals when it is safe to do so.

· Do not use a mobile phone whilst driving.

Person Specification

Minibus Driver

The following criteria will be assessed from information provided on your completed application form / at interview / by your referee:




Education & Training

· D1 Licence/PSV Licence

· Good standard of education

· Minibus drivers’ licence (MIDAS)

· Advanced driving licence

· Safeguarding

· First Aid

· Manual handling


· Experience of driving passengers in a minibus or other passenger carrying vehicle

· Experience of working with older people, people with disabilities or vulnerable groups.


· Reliable

· Punctual

· Cheerful and polite

· Calm in a crisis

· Able to act responsibly in an emergency situation

· Exacting sense of road safety and customer care

· Excellent driving skills and awareness of vehicle safety issues

· Good communicator

· Flexible

Knowledge and understanding

· Good understanding of vehicle maintenance requirements

Other job- related requirements

· Able to work outside normal office hours when necessary, on occasion.

· Required to provide holiday cover for colleagues & during other absence

· Able to drive all types of minibus

Minibus Driver


£19,838 pro rata



Contract Type:

Part time


Bath & North East Somerset

Close Date:

Thursday, 31 August 2023

Email Contact:

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